Πis an independent fashion magazine from Berlin. It acts as a platform for the German, and particularly the Berlin fashion scene. Πlargely refrains from describing current trends and ideas in fashion, but instead concentrates on showing fashion by purely focusing on images. In every issue, 10 photo editorials reveal what keeps designers, photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists moving these days. Production-wise, Πstrives to maximise the potential of printed matter. Different paper qualities and special production features make Πan item that people like to hold, keep and collect.

Œ Stories is Œ Magazine’s digital home. Here the stories behind Œ Magazine’s impressive imagery are told. An eclectic bunch of writers keeps you informed and entertained with interviews, additional editorials and news from the fashion world.

The People Behind ΠMagazine

Arne Eberle – Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
As the owner of Arne Eberle press+sales, Arne represents a range of up and coming fashion designers with a focus on local talent from Berlin.

Lisa Borges & Lucie Schibel (MAVEN) – Art Direction, Concept & Production
Maven, run by sisters Lisa Borges and Lucie Schibel, is a creative studio providing consultancy, creative direction and graphic design with a focus on printed media. The studio realises commissioned and self-initiated projects, mainly in the fields of culture, art and design.

Sebastiano Ragusa – Fashion Director
Sebastiano is a freelance fashion stylist. He is known for a particular taste that combines a German soberness with an expressive Italian mannerism, reflecting his upbringing. He was responsible for one of the leading Berlin Fashion Week dailies, Derzeit and his list of upcoming projects includes fashion direction for issue 6 of  Œ Magazine.

Phuong Lam –  Features Editor

Phuong is a freelance stylist and writer with a knack for discovering new talent and the next story.


ΠStories' Contributing Writers

Ameli Varzi
Amelie Varzi

Amelie Varzi studied photography and is now broadening her horizons at Œ by exploring the pragmatics of personal style in men’s wear with a series of interviews.

Sophie Louise Feith
To take from someone who knew it all, “Give them what they never knew they wanted.” – Diana Vreeland

OE Magazine Jean Ignace Mahoro Seward
Mahoro Seward
UK export Mahoro Seward is responsible for the consistent generation of online content. With a background in literature, he offers a refreshingly analytical approach to the ins and outs of the German fashion scene.

Chelsea Allen

Ronald Rose
You can’t judge a book by it’s cover

Madeleine Kaller

Michael Krekels
Michaël Krekels

Michäel, being from Antwerp, was brought up with fashion and art. Pursuing his dreams, he went to study at the Fashion University of Amsterdam and also gained some experience in the Œ office as an assistant.

Arjen Roos

Biki John

Charlotte Beeck

Christopher Riedl

Matthew Robinson