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Curated by Girls


Curated by Girls is a fast growing platform showcasing the work for visual artists. “Often focussed on women fighting to refrain from what the representation of genders should be. There is a huge spectrum of possibilities, no right or wrong.” To celebrate their 1st Birthday, last month, the platform held a party at Berlin’s St. Georg. The evening was an artistically charged experience and pivoted around live music, photography, and the Art installation, “Club Boobicana”., Behind this thriving space for creativity is Little Voice, aka Laetitia Duveau. Having only moved to Berlin two years ago, Laetitia has already accumulated a substantial following and impact on Berlin’s creative scene. In fact, what started as a mere conversation now holds over 26k followers on Instagram.Œ caught up with Laetitia to create an exclusive editorial and chat about her 2017 accomplishments.




“Often focussed on women fighting to refrain from what the representation of genders should be. There is a huge spectrum of possibilities, no right or wrong.”




Curated by Girls aims to promote both emerging and established artists. Over the past year, Laetitia has curated a string of successful exhibitions. The last one, “New Masculinity”, was held at Berlin’s Blender Studio, an intimate space that drew the attention of over 5,000 people on the Facebook event alone. The instalment gathered a group of artists with a new vision for masculinity that challenges the norm and perception of gender and sexuality, “constantly evolving for expectations to be eliminated”. Held over two days, the exhibition celebrated images from Annika Weertz, Joe Barrett, Liam Warton and Phoebe Barrett and was very successful.



“Constantly evolving for expectations to be eliminated”


The recent release of our 9th printed issue “The Female Gaze” celebrates women in decision-making roles. Believe it or not, Laetitia is the sole force behind Curated by girls, the epitome of the girl boss. Curated by girls visually embodies human softness –the Instagram feed presenting a selection of artworks formed of pastel colours and dream like vibes. An aesthetic that Laetitia subconsciously developed, she explains: “We all have this beautiful softness”, a delicate naivety that makes us human. Over the last year, Laetitia has reunited a selection of her favourite submissions under this aesthetic, from illustrations to sculptures from illustrations to sculptures into the visual Instagram feed you see today.



“We all have this beautiful softness”


As if presenting, promoting, and curating, weren’t already enough for Laetitia, she also released the new track “Be” with her band “Free Free Dom Dom”. Although she can’t tell us what’s in the pipeline just yet, dreams of oversea collaborations and exhibitions are in the mix. Until then, check out Curated by Girls to get your daily creative fix!


Model: Laetitia Duveau
Svenja Trierscheid
Stylist: Rhianedd Dancey
Make-up Artist: Annika Jeck using Hiro Cosmetics, Gressa and Davines Deutschland