Neubau Eyewear & The 7th District

If you’re thinking of a 24-hour getaway to forget the daily hustle and bustle, consider Vienna! The Austrian capital might be known for Sacher Torte and Jugendstil, but its 7th district, a.k.a. “Neubau Bezirk” is a completely different cake! The kind of neighborhood where every other door and hidden courtyard leads to a jazzy bar, designer workshop, or art gallery. And the only thing better then getting lost in its picturesque streets, carried by the atmosphere of the unknown, is exploring the quarter guided by a true insider.


Neubau District via Hanna Pribitzer


Neubau District via Adrian Herk

Global Brand Director of Neubau Eyewear, Daniel Liktor knows that well. “We believe in surrounding ourselves with inspiring things to nurture our creativity”, he tells us when we meet to inquire about the zippy hub. “We wanted to show people our version of Vienna and give them a taste of what inspires our designs!” The modern eyewear label is dedicated to culture-and-art enthusiasts, the kind of crowd that hangs out in Neubau’s streets, just like Daniel and his crew. Furthermore, over the past years we’ve witnessed eyewear become an essential ingredient to personal style. “Glasses have been transformed from medical aid to life-style accessory. They really complete an outfit”, Daniel explains while eyeing his sleek pair of “Dani’s” from the newest collection. “Every frame is named after a team member, because we like adding a personal touch to our creations in the hopes of transmitting the vibrant, inclusive atmosphere that also defines our team and design approach.”


Neubau Eyewear – Lookbook 2017


Neubau Eyewear – Production


Neubau Eyewear – Design Process

At Œ Magazine, we think the lively atmosphere came across really well and, before the memories fade, here’s a little recap of our 7th district rendezvous.

Led by likes of Stuart Freeman, former DJ and radio journalist, it included a stopover at Markwirtschaft, half restaurant, half pop-up store/regional food market, where we savored some Austrian cuisine and discovered Garbarage, an “up-cycling label” that creates amusing furniture out of excess production materials (there were seats made of books that libraries no longer need and cachepots obtained by rethinking old soccer balls); a stroll through Piraten Salat, a charming community garden and self-supply project operated by the so called “Salad Pirates” in a public space nearby, an invigorating pit stop at Veganista for some blueberry lavender ice-cream—this parlor is the kind of stuff vegan dreams are made of—and of course some “off the beaten track” fashion highlights.


Neubau District via Hanna Pribitzer

We had a peek inside Shakkei, the sustainable fashion store and label with a flair for old fashioned cuts, and colorful patterning, and really got a kick from Uppers & Downers, a dainty concept store with a psychedelic zigzag floor that offers a selection of international brands such as Ragged Priest and The White pepper, vintage pieces, as well as independent magazines and fanzines. Here you’ll find gorgeous gowns in flowing Liberty of London fabrics, velvet jumpers with Peter Pan collars, and, if you’re lucky, that flowery overall your grandmother used to wear while gardening… only a lot cooler! The peppy boutique is also home to the first Neubau pop-up store, which brings us back to our latest discovery.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 3.31.22 PM

Uppers & Downers Customer Magazine


The April collection is dazzling, but sober enough for everyday wear. There are steel frames in matte-finished agave green, and lightweight frames that come in lipstick red and tortoise mélange. True to their name, these glasses are definitely the new kids on the block. Below are a few favorites!


Neubau Eyewear – Edmund, Electric Red


Neubau Eyewear – Edmund, Gold Matte


Neubau Eyewear – Frida, Agave Green


Neubau Eyewear – Dani, Sweet Honey


Neubau Eyewear – Dani, Melange Tortoise


Neubau Eyewear – Lookbook 2017


Neubau Eyewear – Lookbook 2017