06-12-2022 | By Kamal Emanga


Beauty of the Imperfect

The editorial photo project Beauty of the Imperfect, was inspired by the dissection of the concept of perfection and the attached societal pressure that people experience today, and also tries to underline the importance of focusing on the journey rather than the end result in the context of success vs. failure. 

The light effects that can be seen throughout every image of the project were achieved by positioning two projectors that were attached to two different laptops, so that one projected onto the background and the other onto the model, while two continuously running animations of various psychedelic looking images were running at a quick pace. This means that every time the photographer pressed the shutter, a different combination of images and light effects resulted. The goal was not to worry too much about the outcome, but instead focus on the journey of the production. 

Beauty of the Imperfect seeks to help people realize that the societal definition of perfection does not need to be blindly adopted, but can instead be rejected or redefined as one pleases, while also giving them a possible redefinition. Loss of pressure to be or to ascribe to society’s definition of perfection can be achieved through the awareness of perfection being an arbitrary judgment, while also turning into an illusion when forced onto others. Perfection versus imperfection can be translated into success versus failure, where being focused on the journey and each step of it leads to seeing perfection in the process and the production rather than only in the end result. 

Beauty of the Imperfect attempts to bring back the pleasure to attempt for people that are struggling with the societal and internalized pressure of perfection.


Art direction & Production Quirin Emanga
Photography Dariia Migalova
Styling – Sophia Friedl
Hair Stylist Tina Pachta
Makeup Artist Alisa Fun
Styling Assistant Karl Gebhardt
Photo Assistant Anna Gutmacher
Casting – Leila Ali
Models – Mariam | LOUISA MODELS,   Ibukun | MIRRRS MODELS
Studio – PLATTE.Berlin