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MBFWB AW 12/13

Isabell de Hillerin


For her AW 13/14 collection “Quiet”, designer Isabell de Hillerin was inspired by images of forgotten fragments frozen in time. This is most evident in the stoned shaped and moss-like embroidery, which lined lapels, shoulders, and arm sleeves, completing a simplistically elegant collection set in black, navy blue, and shades of green.

The idea of exhuming and preserving is not exclusive to the designer’s AW 13/14 collection alone; It can be understood quite literally when viewed in the context of Isabell de Hillerin’s production method. Since 2009, the designer has worked with local manufacturers in Romania and Moldova, to combine traditional handcrafted textiles-a dying cultural practice in these regions-with a modern design vernacular. Season after season, she has found new ways to incorporate traditional art forms to broadcast its relevance, beauty, and value to her growing fan base.







Photography by Arjen Roos