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German Press Days

Marking the Rounds


While the sun hungry denizens of Berlin saw its first ray of spring this past weekend, the fashion press was briefly jolted back into winter at the Press Days, where we closely examined collections from AW 13/14. If runway shows and studio presentations during Fashion Week are opportunities for labels to put on a sensational display of their coming collections, the Press Days allow us to view these collections in their more austere form on clothing racks. With Œ editorials in mind, as always, we headed to the showrooms to explore ideas for issue # 6. Since those results won’t be ready for some time, we’re offering you some impressions of the beautiful things we uncovered with Arjen happily modeling a small selection of next season’s looks.







Other treasures uncovered…

The collection from Augustin Teboul has editorial written all over it. Annelie and Odély create pieces that work brilliantly in images and appear stunning in real life as well. In fact, there is always something new to discover in the details when you’re holding the garments up close. Fantasy meets masterful execution-any stylist’s dream come true.



Studded jacket from Sopopular


The lovely and surprising setup and location at Arne Eberle Press + Sales. The agency managed to turn a seedy party space into a cozy showroom location showcasing some of Berlin’s most promising labels such as Perret SchaadReality Studio, and Isabell de Hillerin.


Colorful knits from Maiami. Make no mistake, the label offers more than just chunky sweaters and beanies in every hue of the rainbow. There are always some surprising pieces to encounter like bell bottoms and bikinis made from mohair.


Très Bonjour-the experimental mixing of high fashion and latex

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Crocheted gloves from Rita in Palma


Degradé button up from Hien Le


Printed puffer vest from Bless


Accessories from Boessert/Schorn, which reminded me of friendship bracelets from my school days.