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Designer to watch

Nadine Michelle


Freshly graduated from the Basel Academy of Arts and Design, Nadine Michelle has her very own way of seeing clothes. On her website you can find several computer-based sketches of  her first collection (‘Es Sind’), etched out in a very robotic way. Indeed, curves have disappeared, human’s limbs became squares and rectangles, filled-in with colour block patterns. Those geometric shapes are omnipresent, finding its way into the layout of her lookbook, where strong graphics complement and balance the colourful garments.

NadineMichelle sketchesNadine Michelle sketch 2

In addition to using Pantones as the basis of her creations, she pushed the concept forward, by literally translating them into knitted patterns. From this collection, we also encounter an unexpected side item: a mobile carpet. Yes, a carpet she crafted out of a picture. By re-introducing this dull fixed piece of decor into a piece of art you can carry around with you, the young design seems set on shuffling things around.