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Throwback Thursday


Finalizing the launch of our long-awaited seventh issue, is like watching a new Œ baby being born, so to speak, and instantly nostalgia enters our minds. There’s no better day to look back at the work we’ve accomplished so far than today while we wait for issue seven to arrive from the book binders.

For six issues now, Œ has been at the forefront of the German fashion scene, being the only publication on the market to solely focus on German-based and –born creatives. We have always wanted to be a platform for the young talent this country and in particular this vibrant city has to offer and even though it is not always simple being an international magazine with such a narrow content focus, we will continue to do so.
Without getting too emotional, we present you a selection of our Πarchives, not only as a reminder of the beautiful content we, together with so many interesting figures, have produced over the years, but even more so to prove that we are growing and improving the magazine with every issue that comes out. So you can imagine how excited we are to show you the next one.

Find more of our archive images on our new Tumblr page and start liking, sharing and reblogging: http://oestories.tumblr.com/


Œ #6 – ‘The Last Minimalist’


Œ #2 – ‘Object Trouvé’


Œ #4 – ‘Les Très Riches Heures’


Œ #5 – ‘City Limits’


Œ #4 – ‘Of Beasts and Beings’


Œ #6 – ‘Don’t forget about me’


Œ #4 – ‘Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!’


Œ #4 – ‘Oh My!’


Œ #5 – ‘My Way’


Œ #6 – ‘Daisies’



Œ #1 – ‘1+1+1+1’