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DACH Showroom Spring/Summer 2019


For the upcoming season, photographer Dan Beleiu and stylist Toby Grimditch give life to 35 looks that take us on a sartorial journey through the many alter egos of its protagonist for DACH Showroom’s AW editorial entitled “Sameheads”. With some sleight of hand and immense creativity, Grimditch shapes 35 transformative looks, evoking a Lynchian vibe, that showcase the range of talents amongst the showroom’s designers.

Photography — Dan Beleiu
Styling — Toby Grimditch
Model — Arthur Comely at Nii
Hair  — Attila Kenyeres
Make-Up — Kate Mur
Set Design — Sameheads
Props — Raki Fernandez                                                                                          
Styling Assistance — Madeleine Gerles
Hair & Make-Up Asstistance — Amanda Christy
Photography Assistance Nick Leuze


DACH Showroom will present to following designers:

DamurFommeFriederike Haller Studio
HänskaHien LeHui-HuiLitichevskaya
Nobi TalaiTata ChristianeVeltVladimir Karaleev

Astrid DeignerDimitrje Gojkovic
Florian JewelryGonKids of the Diaspora
Moisés NietoMühlbauerP. Le Moult
Published BySightlineWendy Jim

After Work StudioJacqueline Loekito
Julia HeuerJulian ZigerliNina Yuun
Rafael KoutoYvy

DACH showroom

18, rue Perrée
75003 Paris

28.09. – 02.10.2018
10am – 7pm