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Seasonal changes bring along their own sets of sartorial caveats. I have to admit, I fail at fashion when the sun is shining. Nothing beats the comfort of my denim cut-offs and a simple oxford or tank when I’m biking through the city battling perspiration. Layering becomes an impossibility and just the thought of wearing skinny jeans in the heat is treacherous. And yet, shorts don’t have to be the boring default choice its known to be— not when designers everywhere are injecting more panache into this casual attire with wonderful print work and matching tops that will allow you to dress with intention while beating the heat. I’ve pared down my selection to bring you my six favorite matching shorts looks from German designers this season.

1. Isabell de Hillerin
2. Issever Bahri
3. Markus Lupfer
4. Raphael Hauber
5. Alba Prat
6. Barre Noire