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The Shallowness of Humankind

The Shallowness of Humankind is an editorial photo project exploring the duality within goodness and the dichotomy that can be created when looking at goodness from different angles.
The project seeks to translate this thought into visual form, while also urging people to question their alleged good actions. It does not aim to view humanity through a pessimistic or fatalistic lens, but instead seeks to help people zoom out, see the bigger picture and realize the broader implications of their perceived “good” actions.

Art direction & Production Quirin Emanga
Photography Ibra Wane
Styling – Quirin Emanga, Sophie Bohmeier
Hair & Makeup Lau Perrea
Casting – Leila Ali
Talents – Alexandra, Kwasi | SEEDS Management, Jey, Julien | VIVA ModelsYunuen | MIRRRS MODELS 
Photo Assistant Lisa Marie Asubonteng
Retouch – Ibra Wane, Fouad Khouri
Studio – PLATTE.Berlin