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Photographer to Watch

Volker Conradus

Volker Conradus

Volker Conradus is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Berlin. His work offers an intimate and intriguing snapshot into his models, creating a refined simplicity through the minimalism of his compositions. 

With a minimal colour palette, he explores his subjects through whites and greys, and simple colour contrasts, with a mix of colour and black & white imagery. Above all, he creates space in his photography, a purity, removing clutter and noise to create a simple yet strong connection with his models.

Whilst there is simplicity to his images, this certainly doesn’t mean there is a lack of intrigue; there is subtle mystery in his compositions through a hidden dialogue; we see, yet cannot totally grasp the thoughts or intentions of his models. What we can’t quite grasp, is left up to our own imagination.

Make sure to check out more of his work on his website: www.volker-conradus.de